Verified Websites that help to get free samples without survey:

Everyone wants to get some stuff for paying nothing and if free is your favourite price you are at the right place. There is always a good thing about getting some free sample. Some of you are craving to buy some new stuff before purchasing or to brighten your day. I t may be in the form of a snaky treat, sweets, or a new mascara or even more, I am sure it feels so good. You can check out our recommended list below to get free stuff. We summed up some of the best sites to get coupons, freebies and giveaways that you can get free of cost.

1. Enfamil:

It is a Baby Formula Company that offers coupons and freebies whenever someone signs up in Enfamil Family Beginnings® program. By this membership, you can receive $400 in free giveaways and coupons on baby products. If someone is expecting in your family or you have newborn babies, you must avail this opportunity. You can share your babies precious moment by giving them free Belly BadgesTM.

2. Women Freebies:

This site gives skincare products, makeup, perfumes and also health care products and household products. Whenever you are looking for free beauty products or free stuff, you must cover Women Freebies. The consumers need to give a review in exchange for getting their chosen products for free. Their free products include professional makeup liquid foundation, liquid lipstick, L’Oreal products, Jaclyn Hill-Cosmetics and many more.

3. PINCHme:

There are three simple steps to become a pincher, and firstly you have to tell about yourself. Secondly, you have to add chosen samples to your PINCHme box, and thirdly these samples are completely free of cost, and you have to give them feedback. You must have to make an account at PINCHme, and you will receive free products in exchange for the input. This Company gives you free samples by mailing, and you can check these products and give a review.

4. Sweet Free Stuff:

It is one-stop-shop of free products like cosmetics, foodstuff, and health products. This website updates its web page daily offering the 100% real new items. You can try all kind of products before buying them. You can make an account or sign up for free to get the newsletter so that you can receive information about free perks direct into your inbox.

5. Sample Source:

It also invites the clients to stock up on free samples. This site offers you from free complimentary beauty products to free foodstuff. You can also find some of the freebies taking advantage while creating an account by only making a profile and answering some of the questions. The site will provide you with free samples to your home door free of charges.

6. Influenster:

If you are a social worker, you will love the free stuff program of influenster. The more social you are, the more sample boxes you will get. When you share about these sample boxes, you will get more crates in future. The influenster box may contain some specific stuff or a themed “Voxbox” to celebrate some holiday or party. You can get these boxes by giving the products reviews. These boxes contain coupons or full-sized freebies that are usually present in every box.

7. Smiley360:

It is a platform the provides its costumers with free stuff for writing the reviews. It is so easy to sign up and sharing the experience with the products, and in return, you get the free stuff. They send you the box that contains samples and full-sized products for what they call “mission”.

8. BzzAgent:

It is an international community of people who share their opinions on different products of leading brands around the world to improve more purchases. First, you have to register yourself; its participation is free, and members give their reviews. BzzAgent sends you a box in the hope that you will spread the Bzzbox.

9. Ripple Street:

It is an easy way to get free samples boxes because you do not have to spend hours for sharing them. It gives you boxes of freebies to throw a party for the promotion of a product or maybe a T.V show. Inside the box, there may be free sample or products to decorate a party or all kind of the stuff to make your party fun.

10. Walmart:

Walmart gives you a beauty box program, by which you can receive bundles of goodies four times a year. There are beauty products like lotions, face wipes, lip gloss, bottle cleaners, diapers and detergents in the box. All you have to do is to register yourself, and you can get the free box. The stuff in the package depends on what they have on hand at that time.


This website is updated daily with free things like health products, beauty products, baby shampoos etc. You do not need to make an account or register yourself. Just browse the directory and click on the offer to know how can get freebies, by signing up their newsletter alerts you the new proposals.

12. Allure

There are many methods of obtaining free samples from Allure. Firstly, you have to bookmark this page as Company updates its open items you can watch them. In the past, Allure used to give colour pop makeup, Lux lipstick, Sephora vouchers.

13. L’Oreal Paris:

This site is famous for hair and beauty products. They also arrange the award programs that provide you free stuff in the mail without gimmicks. You have to sign up, and you can receive the goods. As you sign up, you will get the welcome package and a gift on your birthday. If you buy some L’Oreal product, you are a no-brainer. In this case, you will upload a receipt or link your retail card with L’Oreal, and you will get 5 points for every $1you spent.