Amazon Prime Perks

If you’re looking to save money, you may be wondering why you should join Amazon Prime. Is Prime worth the yearly fee? You may be surprised to discover some of the savings that Amazon Prime offers. Here are our seven favorite perks of an Amazon Prime membership.

1. Shipping Perks.

We’ll start with this since it’s the most well-known perk: free two-day shipping! Great, right? Well, that’s not the only shipping perk for prime members. Now there are more than 10 million Amazon items available via One-Day shipping. Even better, some products can be shipped the same day and received by 9 pm. Amazon has also been developing its “Prime Air” service, which would deliver packages via drone to customers in 30 minutes or less. You should never have to pay more for expedited shipping when you have a Prime membership.

2. Daily Deals on

Your Amazon Prime membership can help you get special deals on your Amazon shopping list. Amazon has Lightning Deals, which can save you from 15% to 50% on various items. Amazon Prime members are alerted of these special deals thirty minutes before non-Prime shoppers. These Lightning Deals only last for five or six hours and have been known to sell out, so getting a headstart on non-Prime customers is crucial to getting the best deal. There are also “Just for Prime” deals available for subscribers. Use the drop-down menu on the Amazon search bar to find this new section of sales items.

3. Prime Day Deals.

If you don’t already know what Prime Day is, it is Amazon’s version of Black Friday. There are many deals on all kinds of products, including electronics, home appliances (think: Instant Pot), and more. Prime Day is even better for Prime members. First, Prime members get early access to the best deals. Like the Lightning Deals, Prime members get a 30-minute jump start on Prime Day’s best savings. Second, on Prime Day, Prime members can have Amazon pay YOU to buy one of their Dash Buttons. A Dash Button is the easiest way to make sure you never run out of your everyday household items. You order a Button for hand soap, toilet paper, coffee beans, or almost any standard purchase. When you run out, you push the Button to reorder. Simple as that! Prime members always get their money back on Dash Buttons - it costs $4.99, but Amazon gives you a $4.99 credit upon purchase. On past Prime Days, the Dash Button price has reduced to 99 cents, but Prime Subscribers still receive the $4.99 credit. Members end up with an extra $4 in credit PLUS the super-easy way to reorder your favorite products.

4. Grocery Savings.

There are several ways to save money on groceries with Amazon Prime. If you prefer in-person shopping, Whole Foods has several savings with its Prime Member Deals. Plus, with every sale product marked with a yellow sign, Prime members can get an extra 10% off.

If you prefer your food delivered, Amazon has got you covered for that too. Amazon has three grocery services. Amazon Pantry delivers items like snacks, drinks, and household products. Amazon Fresh, available in select cities, delivers meat and fresh produce in as little as two hours. Amazon used to charge for Amazon Fresh, but is it now free to Prime members. Finally, Prime Now offers Prime members the option to get items from Whole Foods Market delivered to their doorstep. Prime Now is also only available in select cities but is the perfect way to get your basic grocery needs delivered in under two hours. Delivery is free, but tipping is encouraged.

5. More Early Access.

Beyond the early access to Lightning Deals and Prime Day savings, Amazon Prime members also get early access to books, games, and movies with Release-Date Delivery. Prime members have the exclusive option to get eligible items delivered on the exact day they’re released, so you skip the wait for delivery. You’ll be the first to read, play, or watch the newest releases with your Prime membership.

If that’s not early enough access for you readers, Amazon also has Amazon First Reads. With First Reads, Prime members can download one free title a month from a list of soon-to-be-released books.

6. More Reading and Gaming Perks.

If that’s not early enough access for you readers, Amazon also has Amazon First Reads. With First Reads, Prime members can download one free title a month from a list of soon-to-be-released books.Speaking of reading, you can expect that a website that originated as a book store will have plenty of perks for readers. Amazon does not disappoint in this area. In addition to Release-Date Delivery and Amazon First Reads, Amazon has a number of other exciting offers for the voracious reader in your household. Prime members have exclusive access to Prime Ready - more than one thousand Amazon Prime titles that you can read for free. You have access to ten books, comics, or magazines at a time. When you’re done, you can simply “return” the item back to the Kindle library. Prime members also have access to the Kindle Owners Lending Library, which offers thousands of free titles to your Kindle or the Kindle app on your personal device.

If gaming is more your style, Prime subscribers have exclusive access to Twitch Prime. Turbo Prime can save you the $8.99 a month you would have paid for Twitch Turbo, with a free subscription to the Twitch channel, bonus games, and live-streaming.

7. Photo Storage.

Last but not least, Amazon gives Prime subscribers free unlimited photo storage on the Amazon Photos app. This could save you up to $10 a month and provide you with peace of mind that your photos are secure.

Whether it’s for electronics, household items, books, games, or groceries, Amazon Prime members save money in many ways. If these perks aren’t enough to get you to commit to the $119 yearly Prime membership fee, you can try Amazon Prime free for 30 days. One Prime membership can be used for your whole household, including up to two total adults and four kids or teenagers.